Monday, May 21, 2018

The legendary Morning Glory Conquered at last!

 The spectacular wave cloud formation for years have been deemed inaccessible to paragliders, as our rag-wings could not cope with increased local turbulences and wind speed. This is history now!

Recently team members of The Bound for Glory Project managed to harness the monster as the first paraglider pilots in the world. Precisely speaking, for the first time it was done on 20th September. Heartiest congratulations, deep bows and overall respect for the team including:

  • Chris Atkinson 27m2 Dudek Nucleon WRC (team leader, multiple world record holder)
  • Matt Fox - 29m2 Dudek Nucleon WRC
  • Phil Russman - 25m2 Nucleon WRC
  • Ben Mears-  25m2 Dudek Nucleon WRC
  • Brett Paull - 31m2 Dudek Nucleon
  • Other team members: Herbert Hobiger, Bob Bauer, Don Cramer, Billo, Scott, Dave

    All pilots used Dudek Paragliders wings, Nucleons WRC, ordered for the event, and Discovery Paramotors. Only Chris chose to fly his Hadron from time to time.
    For all we know, the modernised Nucleons passed that trial with flying colours. We are happy and proud to supply vital part of the equipment necessary for that extraordinary feat.

    Morning Glory is a spectacular wall of Cumulus clouds occuring in northern Australia, just a couple of days each year. The phenomenon can not be accurately forecasted and you need some luck to encounter it. The linear cloud formation moves inland at 40-60 km/h speed, triggering strong and regular lift on the front side of the wall, which you can soar for hundreds of kilometers enjoying fantastic views. On the other hand, lee side of the cloud wall is really dangerous, with huge and mighty rotors reaching at times the very surface. That's why until recently only gliders soared that cloud, with a few daring hanggliders treating it with utmost respect.

    You can see first photos in the gallery but this is just first glimpse - the team say they've got absolutely stunning footage for a movie. Find more information on Facebook


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