Monday, May 21, 2018

HGFA Approved Paramotor Wheelbase Endorsement


Fox Air Sports objective is to ensure you learn to fly safely and understand all aspects of paramotoring including weather, equipment and HGFA regulations. We familiarise the student with the motor and wheelbase components and assembly and establish a routine for pre-flight checking. 

This course is made up of introductory, theoretical and practical lessons, which a student must complete to gain a Wheelbased PPG certificate.  Some of  the key areas covered during training include:

  • Launch and landing procedures
  • Takeoff and flight path
  • Turns, flat and moderate
  • Inflation, Taxiing and Deflation utilising the motor
  • Flight Preparation
  • Flight Skills

Fox Air Sports has access to some of the best training areas in South East Queensland.  When learning Wheelbase Paramotoring, a nice open flat area is vital. You need plenty of room to practice safely.  For this reason Fox Air Sports has 80 acres of open turf area with accommodation available on site. 

Paramotor training FAQ's 

How do I get started?
Its easy!  Contact Fox Air Sports and attend one of our open nights in Brisbane or come and see other students learn and fly.  You are welcome to join pilots any time to see what the sport involves.  Fox Air Sports will provide all equipment during training and you can then decide topurchase the correct equipment once you have completed training.  We ensure your training is thorough, safe and follows the HGFA training syllabus and requirements.  

How long does it take to learn?
Paragliding and Paramotoring is very weather dependent and it needs to be dry and the wind less than 15 miles an hour. You work through a series of exercises which teach you how to fly but everybody learns at a different pace. The course fee includes full training and is not based on a number of days. Fox Air Sports will give you the time and attention you need. Some students learn in as little as 10 days but other may take longer. Once qualified we highly recommend you join your local club to fly with more experienced pilots as there is always additional skills you can learn.  Fox Air Sports will continue to help you even after you are endorsed as you become part of the Fox Air Sports team.

Are paragliders safe?
The modern paraglider is built and tested with loads up to 15 times greater than can be exerted during flight. Almost all paragliders will continue to fly perfectly without pilot input.  

Is PPG safe?
As in all forms of aviation, there are risks. However, these risks are very small when you operate safely as trained by Fox Air Sports and follow the guidelines learnt during training.

What if the paramotor engine stops?
The engine is only used to go up and maintain altitude. At any time, you can shut off the motor and land safely. You are flying an paraglider that can glide safely to the ground.  As part of the training you learn how to deal with this situation if it happens and how to fly safely.

Can I restart the paramotor engine?
Yes, the newer engines come with very high energy ignitions that make starting very easy with a small tug on the starter rope. Some motors have electric starters. Either way, you can stop the engine, soar, and then restart anytime you like or simply leave the engine idling. 

How high can I fly?
10,000 feet is the legal limit in Australia, however we must obey air space rules and certain areas will have a lower maximum altitude.