Monday, May 21, 2018

Discovery Paramotor

Discovery 3 ParamotorThe Discovery3 (D3) range of Paramotors with the D3 being the most successful export option. With the 3 piece cage (3 x identical pieces) allowing foreasy transport.

Strength is the name of the game with the discovery range labeled as one of the strongest Paramotors on the market.

  • Strongest 3 piece cage
  • Quicker to set up
  • Awesome weight shift
  • Amazing torque reduction

Following on with the success of the original Australian made Discovery Paramotor, Bauer Engineering has once again set a new benchmark for Paramotors. The new design is constructed from high strength aluminum tube which equates to an extremely robust frame suitable for beginners through to the most experienced pilots. Making the most of the feed back from pilots the new frame boasts subtle changes in geometry to make the frame ergonomically friendly for launching, landing and a comfortable in flight. The simple nature of the design is just one part of the whole package that places the D3 the in the forefront of its competitors.


Sky Engines
Sky paramotor EngineFox Air Sports recommends the Sky Engine (110cc) as it is light, very reliable, water cooled, economical, quiet, low vibration and extremely sexy.

With its aesthetically appealing design , the Sky 110 is warmed up and ready to fly. Boasting a functional light weight high performance engine with water cooling, anodised styling splashed with polished alloy, you only have to glance at the Sky Engine to see it is on top of its game. The Sky is sexiest paramotor engine available but it just doesn’t look good. This super reliable engine is also boasts advantages of the low vibration, easy starting, and excellent fuel consumption.

Sky engines have seen hundreds of trouble free hours of flight with the water cooling keeping engine temperatures low reducing wear, lowering engine noise and making them suitable for the most extreme climates. With red, blue and orange colours available the bling factor is amazing but don’t just take our word, check out these engines for yourself as we are sure you will be impressed.

Sky 110 S Paramotor Engine