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Sky 110 Paramotor Engine

Sky Engines Sky 110 Water Cooled Paramotor

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SKY 110 is situated at top ranking level in its category owing to the liquid cooled engine thanks to its manufacturing technique, the special finishing, functioning features (18 cv at 10,200 cycles), reduced weight owing to the light alloys used with excellent resistance and to the particular workmanship made with CNC machines.
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Sky Engines Sky 110 Water Cooled Paramotor

The main parts of SKY 110 are manufactured in solid material using sophisticated CNC machines. The use of particularly resistant light alloys (employed in the light aeronautic industry) reduce the overall weight of SKY 110, while significantly improving its weight/power ration.

SKY 110 changes its looks. Walbro32 carburetor is replaced by the new Walbro WG8 that stands out for its easiness of use. The new model has an enhanced cooling system and a larger radiator to improve output and stability even in hotter countries.

The manufacturing technique employed, the detailed finishing, the performances (18 CV at 10.200 rpm), the lightness resulting from the use of light alloys with an excellent resistance, and the use of processes based on CNC machines, contribute to making SKY 100 the top product of its category.

sky engines - paramotor and engine solutions:
  • Easy power emission
  • Easy to balance thanks to the single adjustment
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Versatile and adaptable to our previous models (WB32)

Furthermore, the cooling circuit allows us to use this type of carburettor. In fact owing to the liquid cooling system the engine temperature block will be maintained constantly stable and under control for regular engine functioning. 

Can be used even in extremely hot climates.  The most important feature of SKY100 is that since it is not exposed to the risk of overheating, it is considered an engine with a much longer life-span compared to other engines of the same category.
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