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Helices NG-D Propellers

Light carbon propellers - disassembled - ground adjustable for all paramotors. The HELICES E-PROPS company designs, manufactures and markets propellers for non certified light aircraft : airplanes, motorgliders, ultralights, trikes, gyroplanes, airships, paramotors and UAV.
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Helices NG-D Propellers


NG-D propellers have been developped for all paramotor engines. Fox Air Sports will have all models online shortly

  • blades 100% carbon
  • weight : about 750 gr for diameter 120 cm, 800 gr for 125 cm, 830 gr for 130 cm
  • specific E-PROPS design with hollow profiles (with more cz as with a standard profile) : more thrust, fuel economy and noise reduction
  • propeller's pitch is adjusted at workshop for each engine. The customer can also adjust the pitch himself
  • NG-D propellers have some dihedral's degrees
  • traceability : n# of reference + serial number on each hub and each blade (quality control; quick replacement of one blade possible)
  • propellers designed and manufactured in France, Provence, Sisteron (04)
  • each propeller is tested on a test bench before delivery : see video tests before shipment
  • clockwise and counterclockwise models
Manufacturing of NG-D propellers:
  • carbon braid, with continue fibers between upper and lower surfaces of the blade
  • epoxy resin
  • honeycomb core with internal spar
  • blade's foot with stain ring
  • RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) manufacturing
  • manufacturing of the hub on 3 axis machining center
  • shape : round or rectangular
  • thickness : 60 mm (for each shape)
  • beech wood veneers impregnated with special resins and pressed at high pressure and temperature. In this way, a compact material is obtained which, thanks to its optimal characteristics, is suitable for the most different applications. Mechanical strenght : 277 MPa [versus 280 MPa for 2017 aluminium].
In the NG-D propeller, the hub is stronger than the carbon of the blade.
Interest of this material versus aluminium in the hub : 2 times lighter, easier to machine, less expensive

Tests of NG-D propellers :

Advantages of a NG-D propeller :
  • about 750 gr for a 125 cm diameter
  • more resistant propeller => faster acceleration and deceleration of the engine (the propeller is more reactive, it stops much more fast, that is 2 x fewer risks of break in case of shock in the propeller), 2 x less stored kinetic energy, thus 2 x fewer damages in case of impact.
  • Comfort increased for the pilot = > 2 x less mass propeller on the back, 2 x fewer gyroscopic efforts, less couple 
  • Better functioning of the engine = > 2 x fewer constraints on the reducer, fewer vibrations due to the functioning propeller
  • in 3 parts : 2 blades and 1 hub
  • interesting for storage and transport
  • easy to assemble and disassemble
  • simple replacement of one blade

  • Pitch adjusted in worshop for each engine - reducer by splines, with possibility for the customer to change the pitch if necessary