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Bound for Glory DVD

The world premiere of the Bound for Glory movie was a hit at the Coupe Icare 40th Film Festival. Now the Bound for Glory DVD by LiteTouchFilms is finally available in Australia Soon!! Order Now! INCLUDES DELIVERY (63 minutes)
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Bound for Glory DVD

Against the advice of experts, a team of pilots set out to be first to paraglide the world's most iconic meteorological phenomena, Australia's Morning Glory wave cloud. 1000 kilometers long, traveling 65 kilometers an hour, these wave clouds wield powerful updrafts and deadly downdrafts. Using paramotors to position themselves on the front of the cloud, these pilots will attempt to soar the lift, like a surfer riding the biggest wave in the sky.

Experts told them it couldn't be done. But the team could not be deterred. They were Bound for Glory.

Lite Touch Films
Directed, written, edited, and narrated by Philip Russman
principal photography by Philip Russman and Brett Paull

Duration: 63 minutes

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