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HGFA Paramotoring Course

Paramotoring is the most exciting development in ultra light foot-launched air sports since their inception. The entire aircraft will actually fit in the boot of your car! This is an exhilarating yet simple way to experience flight, while being the easiest powered aircraft you can learn to fly. With minimal training by aviation standards, you can enjoy the incredible experience of flying anytime weather permits.
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HGFA Paramotoring Course

Please note it is a HGFA Requirement to have 20 Hours Paragliding experience before you can commence Paramotoring Training

Discounts apply for equipment and training bundles

With a paramotor, the flight can be extended for as long as your fuel lasts! A paramotor is a fair weather machine, and flying in strong or gusty winds or other bad weather conditions is not recommended. On a mild weather day, you can step into flight, gain altitude and cover incredible distances with your paramotor. Climb away from the ground to a couple thousand feet, switch the motor off, and enjoy the glide. Your paramotor can be restarted in flight when needed to continue flying.

A small lightweight engine, sometimes weighing as little as15 kilograms, drives a propeller. The entire unit is strapped to your back with a harness that allows you to fly beneath a standard paragliding wing. Combining a Paraglider with a backpack engine allows you to fly from level ground, without the need for hills, mountains, wind, thermals or a tow rope. Foot-launching and landing allows you to operate on virtually any type of terrain, such as wet sand, tall grassy fields, bumpy and rocky slopes, or anywhere else that using a wheeled aircraft would be impossible. Some Paramotors can attach to frames called trikes, where they can be launched and landed just like a normal aircraft. These can be suitable to older pilots who may be less agile and not able to cope with the logistics of the extra weight.
Paramotoring or powered paragliding (PPG) is absolutely the most accessible form of motorised aviation available to the public. These motors are the most powerful, yet low maintenance aircraft engines you will find. They are rugged, reliable and easy to use. There is no easier way to fly than paragliding, and with the addition of the paramotor, well, the sky is not the limit - it's the destination!
Almost anyone can learn to fly a powered paraglider. However, a degree of physical fitness and mental awareness is required. It is really quite easy to fly, but you are still aviating. The pilot's attitude to safety and airmanship is the key for an accident free flying career. There's an old saying in aviation: "There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots!"

Some schools are offering a straight through paramotoring courses and we believe that the level of pilot may not be high as a pilot who has become a proficient paraglider pilot before putting on a paramotor. Reccomending you obtain your Paragliding endorsement and a minimum of approximately 25 hours free flight before paramotoring seems to be the sensible approach. This sets a great basis for skills as inflation techniques, kiting the wing, launching, turning, controlling the airspeed, approach and landing which are all skills that you will need to master. Taking the time to learn these basic skills will be rewarding and increase your confidence making your transition to powered flight easy.